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Our carefully selected partners and distributors support trade both outside the UK and to specific industries.

If your business fits with Dura-ID’s range of products and services talk to us about becoming a Dura-ID partner on +44 (0)114 2422111 or email

Worldwide Distributor Network


Altec Industriele Identificatie BV is Dura-ID’s partner in the Netherlands & Belgium. Altec have over 40 years of experience in supplying identification systems to sectors such as Healthcare, Steel, Engineering, Construction, Automotive and Chemicals. Altec recognise that reliability of equipment, over decades of use, and clarity of data are vital to production efficiencies and cost control. Dura-ID manufacture labels and tags which complement Altec’s systems. Labels are purchased in bulk and held in stock at Altec so that customers benefit from competitive pricing and quick deliveries.

Call +31 (78) 6152033(Netherlands) or +32 (2) 2703488 (Belgium) to discuss your needs with Altec’s labelling experts or visit


UK based Clinipak Ltd supply a full range of products relating to the packing, protection, instrument presentation, colour coding, labelling, process control and safe “used instrument” circulation supporting infection control within the international healthcare sector. Clinipak distribute Dura-ID’s range of tags, developed specifically to withstand the sterilisation and decontamination processes to the healthcare industry in the UK and beyond.

For more information about Clinipak Ltd and its product range see or talk to the experts on +44 (0)1628 810626.

Lakhotia Brothers

Lakhotia Brothers have many years of experience supplying engineering components and machinery into the Steel and Heavy industries of India. Lakhotia successfully support Dura-ID in India to supply high quality tags, labels and print solutions to some of the leading Steel Mills in India, the team have a great understanding of the benefit of our products in the Indian Market. Lakhotia Brothers have also begun to look at the Chemical Market for Dura-ID.

Speak to Lakhotia’s team today for further information on our offerings in India: Call +91 (0) 712 244 2230 or email


Refine AB are long-term labelling partners, based in Sweden, serving all Scandinavian countries. Refine’s knowledgeable sales staff are happy to advise on your labelling needs, providing tailor made solutions for all industries including steel, timber, chemicals, construction and healthcare; where durable or high temperature labels and tags are needed. The close working partnership which exists between Refine and Dura-ID ensures that customers receive the best labels for their unique application, quickly and competitively priced.

Speak to Refine’s Sales Team today on +46 (0)8 410 24050 to see how your business can benefit, or visit Refine’s website, for further details


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Our carefully selected partners and distributors support trade to specific industries inside and outside the UK. If your business fits with IML’s range of products and services talk to us about becoming a partner on +44 (0)114 2422111 or message us here

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OKI have a close partnership with Dura-ID going back many years to when they were IML. Their expertise in the label market together, with OKI’s leading LED printing technology, has brought a cost effective, flexible and reliable label printing solution to the horticultural market. Dura-ID Solutions Limited are an accredited OKI EXECUTIVE SERIES PARTNER

Andrew Hall – OKI Systems (UK) Ltd