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Products which are exposed to water or weathering during production, storage, transportation or trading need waterproof identification labels

We specialise in manufacturing and supplying waterproof labels suitable for wet and challenging environments, to businesses across a wide range of industries.

We understand the importance of maintaining clear information and product identification throughout any process or application.

A commitment to research and innovation has enabled us to develop a range of waterproof labels that you can completely rely on.

100% Waterproof For Lasting Labels

Labels with a substandard adhesive in a wet or humid environment, will quickly peel away leading to a loss of product identification or traceability, which can potentially affect your business’s ability to trade.

Dura-ID’s range of waterproof labels use specialised high strength adhesives which have been developed to adhere to the most difficult surfaces and survive hostile processes so that your labels serve their purpose.

For example, our laser printable Polyolefin self-adhesive waterproof labels are ideally suited to applications where durability is required.

They can survive long term outdoor exposure and offer a high standard of humidity and water resistance to ensure label readability is maintained.

Polyolefin sheets are predominately used in laser printers but are also compatible with some ink-jet printers; we would recommend prior testing.

Alternatively, our self-adhesive PP waterproof labels are a popular choice with customers looking for high performance synthetic labels for outdoor use on a budget. PP resists water and chemicals to ensure label longevity, and is available in gloss or matt finish.

Economy & Functionality In Equal Measures

For labels which last in difficult applications, where all other self-adhesive labels have failed beforehand, our Mattrans and Mattrans Extreme labels are invaluable and withstand moisture, dirt, oil, chemicals and prevent unauthorised removal and re-positioning of labels.

PP Labels Combine Functionality With Economy

PP Labels Combine Functionality With Economy

In addition to waterproof self-adhesive labels, all of our tags and self-tie labels are waterproof and tear-resistant.

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OKI have a close partnership with Dura-ID going back many years to when they were IML. Their expertise in the label market together, with OKI’s leading LED printing technology, has brought a cost effective, flexible and reliable label printing solution to the horticultural market. Dura-ID Solutions Limited are an accredited OKI EXECUTIVE SERIES PARTNER

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