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Tracking and traceability of products through production processes, and wider supply chain, supports easy trading and movement of goods

As label innovators we offer high quality traceability labels as part of our extensive labelling solutions range. We understand the importance of bringing accountability and accuracy to your company’s products and processes.

A Wide Range Of Formats To Suit Your Needs

Our traceability labels come in a range of formats to suit your needs, and include vital information such as barcodes, batch codes, serial numbers and handling information.

This ensures that your products can be tracked and traced throughout the supply chain.

Track & Trace Labels For Hostile Conditions

Traceability labels are important for the majority of the key industry sectors we supply to including healthcare, food production, construction, steel and metals and automotive/aerospace.

We know that some of these sectors require traceability labels that must withstand harsh conditions and challenging environments.

For example, our Thermo-Tag (600) is crush and abrasion resistant, as well as resistant to temperatures up to 600˚c. Its ability to withstand high processing temperatures makes it an ideal choice for a traceability label within the metals industry.

We also supply high temperature oven tags for full traceability of baked goods and their ingredients.

Variable tracking data can be over-printed at source using an in-house printing system. We offer full solutions based on thermal transfer and laser printing technologies.

We’re committed to continuous improvement. Whether we’re developing and testing new materials, investing in new production machinery, training and developing our team, or reviewing how we deliver great customer service, we’re committed to doing it better.

This commitment applies to our entire range, including our traceability labels.

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We are proud of the outstanding reputation we have developed within the chemical industry. Our partnership with Dura ensures customers receive a bespoke consultation and specific software packages in the form of GHS Professional, resulting in the most practical solution for their particular business needs and product range.

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