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We are world leaders in the production of labels for application to hot products or to withstand high temperature processing

We are global leaders in the field of identification and tracking in hot applications and we have pioneered a range of high temperature labels and tags to withstand extreme temperatures up to 1000˚c.

Speed Up Production, Reduce Scrap

High temperature labels and tags can be applied at extremely high temperatures. This speeds up turnaround times in high temperature production and processing environments, supports early identification and full product traceability, and prevents loss of stock and revenue through misidentification or loss of process control.

We supply specialised Pannier laser marking systems and metal tags which can resist temperatures up to +1000˚c. Our forte lies in our impressive range of high temperature labels and tags which can be used on a standard industrial thermal transfer printer.

Barcode Traceability Up To 600°c

Thermo-Tag (600) allows barcode identification and traceability at up to +600˚c. As an added benefit, Thermo-Tag (600) is crush and abrasion resistant to ensure data readability in harsh, high temperature environments.

Our versatile High Temperature Polyester material resists temperatures up to 250˚c and is available in tag, self-tie and self-adhesive formats.

It features an attractive satin finish which can resist water and chemicals and can be easily wiped free of dirt, grease and dust to maintain readability of barcodes and alpha numerical data in hostile environments.

For exceptional strength, Rip-proof tags are virtually indestructible and are resistant of temperatures up to 220˚c. Rip-proof has a rubberised texture which springs back after creasing and crushing to protect the readability of barcodes and data in industrial environments.

If your products require high temperature processing, such as baking or sterilising, we have a label to suit you. Our expertise in this specialised field allows Dura-ID to export high temperature labels around the globe.

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Earlier this year we made the decision to bring our label printing in-house and contacted Dura-ID for help and advice. We were impressed with what we saw at the on-site demonstration and bought an OKI colour printer and HLS Pro+ software as a result of it. We print several different types of laser labels including self-adhesives, stick-ins and self-ties and everything works in harmony. I’ve had no problems with my printing system and I’m extremely happy with the quality of Dura-ID’s service and standard of technical support.

Savin Nurseries