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Rip-Proof tags are the ideal solution when identifying products that go through rough handling environments such as distribution. A popular choice amongst engineering, construction and steel sectors they have the unique ability to stay with your product even when nicked or cut.

Do you:

  • need your label to remain in place long-term?
  • need easily identifiable long-range colour coding?

Our unique Rip-Proof tags were developed to stay in place when other identification methods just aren’t suitable. Standard tags can sometimes rip and get lost and you lose all traceability of your product. The specialised construction of Dura-ID’s exclusive Rip-Proof material means that this is a problem of the past and has unrivalled tear strength across a number of industries.

Rip--Proof on Wire Roll

Are the machines used on your product rough handling?

When you lose a label or tag, it can be costly and time consuming to figure out what product has just come through a particular process and a lot of the time this material needs to be recycled and re-identified before use and this is not an ideal situation for your company. Dura-ID Solutions developed  Rip-Proof material to ensure that even if nicked, cut or crushed – your product remains identifiable.

Do you need to identify products at long range?

Rip-Proof tags have been developed to support product identification at long range by being available in  seven standard colours. It is generally used for industrial product identification in extreme environments such as steel stock holding or where long-term outdoor exposure is necessary such as on a construction sites.

Typical applications are:

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Dura-ID’s knowledge about materials and production technologies allows them to offer unique solutions. The support we get from Dura through samples and technical data is excellent – their quality is excellent too!

Mikhial Gubanov (Product Manager) – Specta Interpak LLC, Moscow