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Mattrans Extreme self-adhesives are the ‘go to’ labels for difficult applications such as dirty, dusty, uneven or oily surfaces.  They are a popular choice the steel, engineering, construction and waste management sectors given their unique ability to adhere where other labels have failed historically.     

Do you:

  • need your label to remain in place long-term?
  • need to communicate essential product data?
  • need to label at low to ambient temperatures?

Our unique Mattrans Extreme labels were developed to stay in place in harsh production environments and supply chains.  This specialised material was developed by Dura-ID Solutions and provides excellent value for money in terms of price, performance and longevity.

Do you need to identify high value products?

If you produce and distribute high value products it can prove extremely costly, time consuming and hinder your ability to trade smoothly when that product becomes unidentified or goes missing in transit due to cheap, ineffective labels.  As a percentage of the total value of your consignment, a Mattrans Extreme label costs a tiny fraction but gives you peace of mind that your goods will remain labelled, and fully auditable, throughout their lifecycle.

How does Mattrans Extreme work?

The high coat weight of super-strength adhesive on Mattrans Extreme labels provides fantastic initial grab onto the surface of your product.  This fortifies as the adhesive continues to interact with the surface of your product resulting in an infallible bond.

The smooth surface of Mattrans Extreme makes it an ideal product for use with a standard thermal transfer printer and ribbons.  Variable data including barcodes, batch numbers, text, pictograms and CE marks can be overprinted onto Mattrans Extreme labels.

Its thick face material means it can also be utilised as a tag by leaving in place the backing liner and including a punched hole making Mattrans Extreme a multi-purpose option.

Typical applications are:

Who uses this solution?

Mattrans Extreme labels are popular within the metals and construction sectors and heavy engineering environments where dust, dirt and other contaminants are prevalent.  These labels can be applied to dry, flaky surfaces as well as damp products.  They are 100% waterproof providing long-term labelling in all weathers.

Why would I choose Mattrans Extreme over an equivalent product?

In short Mattrans Extreme succeeds where other labels have failed.  If you have experienced issues getting labels to stick and remain in place on your product then put Dura-ID’s Mattrans Extreme labels to the test.  We regularly come across businesses using a cheap self-adhesive label in conjunction with a rugged carrier tag or relying on an additional spray adhesive to ensure their self-adhesive labels remain in place.  Why go to the extra expense and add another step into your production cycle – give Mattrans Extreme labels a try and get your products labelled and out of the door quickly and efficiently.

How do I get a Sample for Trial?

Simply email or call us with some basic information relating to your application and we will gladly send you samples to test in your application and offer advice.


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We choose Dura-ID as we not only get labels at a reasonable price but we also get technical support for our printers and the benefit of their research into advanced materials. Their durable label materials, support and customer service keep us coming back to Dura.

Eirian Parry (IT Manager) – Celsa UK, Wales