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British Standard BS5609 is the recognised standard relating to self-adhesive labels for sea freight. We produce a BS5609 waterproof range.

Marine Immersion BS5609 labels are typically applied to chemical drums and containers of other potentially hazardous products for identification, warning and instructional purposes.

British Standard BS5609 is a recognised standard relating to printed, pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels.

The standard includes durability criteria including adhesive performance, resistance to abrasion and print permanence when labels are immersed in sea water long term.

Our range of BS5609 labels are ideal for labelling chemical drums and other hazardous or high value goods being shipped by sea.

Our BS5609 labels survive prolonged outdoor weathering and are very resistant to water and various household and industrial chemicals to ensure product identification is maintained.

Within our range of self-adhesive BS5609 labels, we have labels to suit both thermal transfer and laser LED printers.

When printed using an OKI ES4711 printer, our Polyolefin labels are fully 3 part BS5609 compliant in terms of the face material, adhesive and printing.

Hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods require clearly visible and identifiable labels on outer packaging in order to be transported.

We produce durable BS5609 labels and warning diamonds to ensure your goods remain clearly labelled from despatch to destination.

Variable information printing, pictures and barcodes are possible on our BS5609 labels using a wide range of both mono and colour laser printers.

Our Polyolefin self-adhesive labels are approved for use on OKI LED printers and the material is also printable using a combination of thermal transfer printer and suitable ribbons.

We will be pleased to advise on the best printer and ribbon solution for maximum resistance and readability. Our BS5609 labels can be supplied pre-printed in up to 6 colours.

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We choose Dura-ID as we not only get labels at a reasonable price but we also get technical support for our printers and the benefit of their research into advanced materials. Their durable label materials, support and customer service keep us coming back to Dura.

Eirian Parry (IT Manager) – Celsa UK, Wales