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The Thermo-Tag 600 is the unique product specifically developed for the Metals industry to withstand the manufacturing and processing activities within industry up to 600°C.

Thermo-Tag (600) is a unique material, developed specifically by Dura-ID Solutions, to allow labelling at high temperature, up to +600C, in the steel manufacturing and processing industry.  

Do you:

  • need to reduce scrap or lost product?
  • want to increase durability?
  • need to label at higher temperatures?

Our unique material, Thermo-Tag (600), is flexible yet has very good tear strength making it ideal for use in the harsh environments associated with the metals industry. The tag itself is completely unique to Dura-ID Solutions; in fact, there is no product on the market to rival it in terms of price, durability and heat resistance.

Do you need to identify your hot steel products between 250°C and 600°C?

Identifying products early in the production process, whilst they are still hot, is an excellent way to increase production efficiencies, speed up turnaround and, ultimately reduce costly waste. Early identification ensures that products can be fully tracked and traced as they move downstream in your supply chain, whether to internal or external customers.

How can I label at this high temperature?

Simply utilise Thermo-Tag (600) with a standard, industrial thermal transfer printer (eg Zebra, TEC, TSC or other brand) to allow you to print variable data and barcoded information in-house.  Tags are supplied in rolls and are available with a punched hole for easy application using a stud weld gun, Hilti nail gun or a security clip or with slots for use with banding straps.

Typical applications are:

  • Re-bar
  • Wire Rod
  • Billets
  • Sections/Profiles
  • Coils

Who uses this solution?

Many global steel manufacturers are currently utilising Thermo-Tag (600). Some of our largest users are based in the UK, Germany, Kazakhstan, India and Russia. Dura-ID is happy to put you in contact with one of our clients, successfully using this technology, so that you can fully understand the benefits that the Thermo-Tag solution has brought to their businesses.

Why would I choose the Thermo-Tag over an equivalent product?

Thermo-Tag (600) has been specifically developed and designed by Dura-ID Solutions for the International Steel Market. We recognise that alternative solutions are extremely expensive and that the durability of competitor products is not truly in tune with the standards required by industry.  If you currently have a requirement for high temperature labelling, or you are using a tag within this temperature range, then get in touch with Dura-ID today to see how much of a cost saving you could make while still increasing productivity and efficiency.

How Do I get a Sample for Trial?

Please email or call us with some basic information relating to your application and we will be happy to send samples and offer advice.

Get in touch

If you’re unsure which solution is right for you or want to learn more about the Thermo-Tag get in touch on +44 (0) 114 242 2111 to discuss your requirements.

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In an ever changing industry Dura-ID provide excellent advice and, as our existing supplier, are supporting us in finding the best course of action concerning GHS changes. I buy from Dura on the strength of the quality of their labels and customer service.

Neil Sutton – Feedwater