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Durable tags and heavy duty adhesive labels for applying and fixing to a wide range of construction products

Our construction labels include tear-resistant tags made to industrial strength for tough environments as well as high performance self-adhesives for use on dirty, oily or dusty products, or on pallets which need to withstand outdoor exposure and rough or mechanical handling.

This ensures your information stays with your product, from production plant to point of delivery; be that a construction project or the racking of a DIY store.

Our tear resistant construction labels can be overprinted using a thermal transfer printer or laser printer, allowing users the flexibility to add variable batch data at source to guarantee full product traceability.

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When Strength Is Critical In Your Construction Labels

durable label

Rip-proof tags are virtually indestructible and have a rubberised texture, which springs back to its original form after creasing and crushing, to maintain data readability.

Rip-proof tags are thermal transfer printable with alpha-numerical text and barcodes, available in a wide range of colours and are ideally suited to rough handling in hostile, dirty conditions, as found in the construction industry.

The material does not fail when nicked or cut, making it suitable for exposure to the elements during flatbed transportation and also ideal for stitching into sacks and slings.

Tags can also be produced with cut outs to allow banding to be threaded through the label,  still showing the important data for identification purposes.

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Self Tie Construction Labels For Easy Application

Self-Tie Labels On Concrete Products

Our self-tie construction label range, sometimes referred to as lock ties, tie wraps, luggage labels or handle ties, are an economical and easy-to-apply labelling solution, even with gloved hands.

Whatever your construction labelling needs, we’re confident we can help, so contact us to find out more.

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Labels that stick in all conditions

label for concrete

If you have self-adhesive labels falling off products or perishing in difficult and challenging environments, then let us know. Dura-ID have developed a superb range of options for sticking identification labels direct to product or outer packaging, able to withstand harsh environments and all weather conditions.

The range can be printed by thermal transfer or laser printers and we will match up the most suitable product based on understanding your application.

To give us  more information regarding your application please contact us.

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Heat Resistant Construction Labels For Hot Products

Our range also includes specialist High Temperature Labels which provide barcode traceability throughout heat treatment processes, for more information on High Temperature Labels click here.

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We have worked in conjunction with well known names in every area of the building and construction sector labelling concrete, plastic, metal and glass construction products.

We understand the importance of product traceability and CE marking of construction products and have developed a comprehensive range of rugged labels and tags to suit all applications and environments. Our years of experience in this industry make us best placed to supply your construction labels.  

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OKI have a close partnership with Dura-ID going back many years to when they were IML. Their expertise in the label market together, with OKI’s leading LED printing technology, has brought a cost effective, flexible and reliable label printing solution to the horticultural market. Dura-ID Solutions Limited are an accredited OKI EXECUTIVE SERIES PARTNER

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