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Our chemical hazard labels communicate vital information, at a glance, to protect people, wildlife and the environment from harm.

Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods require clearly visible and identifiable labels on the outer packaging in order to be transported safely by road and sea. We produce durable BS5609 warning labels, transport diamonds and chemical hazard labels to ensure your goods remain clearly labelled from despatch to destination.

Communicate Risks At A Glance

Chemical hazard labels are required by law to help identify potential risks to people, wildlife and the environment. They explain what the associated hazards are and, most importantly, how to avoid them. Packaging is also important to ensure that chemicals are stored and disposed of safely.

The symbols used on chemical hazard labels help identify chemicals which are explosive, oxidising, highly flammable, toxic, harmful, irritant, corrosive, or dangerous for the environment. One or more of these classifications can be applied to a single chemical mixture.

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We have a wealth of experience working within the chemical sector to ensure all Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods are labelled appropriately with long-term legibility in mind, ensuring the highest levels of safety are maintained.

We have developed a range of high performance chemical hazard labels through working closely with leading companies in the industry. If you are unsure, let our expert team help you to establish exactly what you need to label hazardous chemicals and achieve GHS compliance.

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OKI have a close partnership with Dura-ID going back many years to when they were IML. Their expertise in the label market together, with OKI’s leading LED printing technology, has brought a cost effective, flexible and reliable label printing solution to the horticultural market. Dura-ID Solutions Limited are an accredited OKI EXECUTIVE SERIES PARTNER

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