IML + Longcombe = Dura-ID (More Info)

Richard Bramley, Owner at Farmyard Nurseries has updated his old labelling system to a full solution supplied by IML’s very own Tom Rendall. This solution included HLS labelling software alongside the picture library and an OKI 711 printer. After dealing with IML successfully for a number of years Richard was happy to continue working with us.

Richard recorded a number of benefits from his new system, including:

  1. Increased sales
  2. Increased range of plants grown due to the ability to label well
  3. An increase in workflow efficiency and increased profits

“The product has literally revolutionised our business. The whole package is excellent; we can now efficiently market the products that we grow in the correct way. This has resulted in increased sales, better customer satisfaction and many employee hours saved – an overall massive improvement”

Having utilised our Technical support team in the past, usually due to their own computer errors, Richard finds that our operators are “efficient, easy to deal with and very able.”

In his own words Richard explains his experience dealing with the team at IML:

“I would just like to add that it has been a real joy dealing with IML and I would thoroughly recommend them. The whole bundle was purchased from them leading to a seamless transfer from our old system – including data transfer. They are a fantastic group of people and it has been an absolute pleasure – thanks IML”.

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We choose Dura-ID as we not only get labels at a reasonable price but we also get technical support for our printers and the benefit of their research into advanced materials. Their durable label materials, support and customer service keep us coming back to Dura.

Eirian Parry (IT Manager) – Celsa UK, Wales